City Insights: Equity in Action

MITRE’s Social Justice Platform (SJP) collaborated with the City of Bozeman, Montana to support Bozeman’s equity action planning process. As part of this work, MITRE’s Tammy Freeman, and Tamey Habtu along with Bozeman’s Dani Hess (Community Engagement Coordinator for the city of Bozeman, Montana) held a series of conversations with leaders, from various cities across North America, who are actively working to improve equity for their respective residents.


Introduction to City Insights (Audio)

Start with the introduction to City Insights. The introduction to City Insights is a quick listen that offers an explainer on what City Insights is all about along with instructions on how to best enjoy the content.


City Insights: Equity in Action (PDF)

The good stuff! City Insights: Equity in Action contains the conversations with city leaders along with key insights and best practices. City Insights: Equity in Action serves to:

  1. Showcase the intentional efforts by city governments to advance equity and to shine light on how benefits, burdens, and unintended consequences can, at times, fall unevenly across communities;
  2. Share how communities large and small—at all stages of institutional change—establish shared language for social equity and justice, engage their communities as co-creators in policy and program making, and create the necessary momentum and take the appropriate action to build cities where all can thrive; and
  3. Highlight and extol effective practices that Federal agencies (and others) can adopt to improve equity within their jurisdictions.

City Insights: Equity in Action PDF

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City Insights: In Conversation with Dani Hess (Audio)

More good stuff. Dani Hess joins Tamey and Tammy to give an insider’s look into our process of planning and executing this work, discuss what we learned from city leaders from our conversations, get an update on Bozeman’s equity action planning efforts, and discuss the importance of advancing equity in local government.

Download the Podcast Transcript



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