The Federal Inclusivity Index Tool (FIIT)




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The Federal Inclusivity Index Tool (FIIT) gives government leaders the capability to assess the levels of diversity, equity and inclusion in the federal workforce and to identify strategies for addressing barriers that prevent full participation by employees. Decision-makers can use FIIT to answer several questions, including:

• Relative to agency benchmarks, how inclusive is my organization?
• What workforce barriers do I need to address in my agency?
• What strategies could I put in place to eliminate the barriers?

The FIIT addresses these questions by layering analytic tools over publicly available data from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). In addition, agencies can easily upload their own data into the tool. This mix of features provides agencies with both government-wide and component-level views of workforce programs so they can identify areas of strength, understand barriers, and make informed decisions that support strategic workforce diversity, equity and inclusion goals and objectives.