ITK Quickstart Stakeholder Engagement




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Developed in collaboration between MITRE's Innovation Toolkit (ITK) and Social Justice Platform (SJP), the ITK Quickstart Stakeholder Engagement canvas is divided into two complementary sides – “Analysis” and “Engagement”. The “Analysis” side of the canvas helps your team identify and assess a stakeholder’s needs, wants, and influence. It also helps your team get clear on their wants and needs, which will help identify where the team’s priorities do or do not match with the stakeholder. The “Engagement” side of the canvas helps your team consider how to approach the first (or next) engagement with the stakeholder. In addition, the embedded equity lens helps your team explore four additional considerations beyond the default to help create more equity-informed engagements. This helps broaden your team’s thinking and raise their collective awareness, both of which can help inspire new thinking and opportunities for innovation.